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Tianxiong Marketing Concept
    provide Tianxiong quality products to exceed customer expectations
  • Tianxiong the simultaneous pursuit of economic efficiency in the pursuit of social benefits.
  • Tianxiong the product and service quality as the cornerstone of the enterprise take off.
    company is confident the product quality is excellent marketing a good start.
  • company's "Jing Tong" brand pipe, pipe fitting products to superior quality and access to markets, in order to in the same industry at competitive prices steady
  • dominate the market, the company improve the production, storage and circulation of the rules and regulations procedures to ensure that the root of each pipe to enter the market, each one tube
  • from are fine, it is not possible to prevent the circulation of defective products at the same time, corporate marketing staff has even more of the character first, to ensure
  • the cultural quality of the high standards of corporate marketing staff's character has even placed in the first place, to ensure commitment to customers is not easy, but a burden being
  • promise, oath necessary "as good as gold," which fully embodies the principle of good faith. Companies require marketers to do, "Customers can not keep us
  • products, but it must be recognized that we sort of person, "because we believe that a professional marketing personnel as long as the price of our products to customers referred
  • Shao-clear picture, even if the oath when the non-cooperation in the future there are opportunities for cooperation in