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Tianxiong aim corporate services

★ think users are thinking

★ anxious customers are anxious

★ user's trouble to reduce to zero

★ do take the quality of talk, so that the quality of witness

★ company has established a perfect pre-sale, sale, after-sales service system


specifically to provide you with the following services:

a provision of our products applications, technical support.

1, product technology questions.

2, construction and installation guidance, materials budget.

3, low-temperature floor heating design drawings.

2, is responsible for handling customer information.

1, class information processing customer complaints.

2, customer advisory class information processing.

3, customer satisfaction surveys.

3, for corporate product quality and follow-up survey, and feedback.

Fourth, product quality problems due to accidents caused by processing.

5, in order to branch offices and customers to provide the necessary services and support to complete its information transmission process. [Saving Certificates]

6, leading representatives of all branches and better service for our customers.

7, at any time for branch training and the provision of engineering and technical personnel to help guide the work of branch offices to resolve the application of technical issues.

8, on a regular basis for the branch to provide information on various types of related works, and to assist branches to the bidding process.

9, to build customer profiles and customer profiles the company database entry

10, in order to provide relevant products, the major businesses supporting sales services.